Professional Video Camera Techniques

One Day Course


This one day course has been designed for those who are required to use a digital video camera and need to understand and master professional camera techniques.

The course covers a variety of techniques that will give your work a professional look including how to frame a subject, avoiding common mistakes, effective use of lighting and sound and how to shoot a professional quality interview.

Feel free to bring your own camera to use during the course if you wish. You need no previous experience to attend this course.

Public Course Dates & Pricing

13th Jun 18 London Bridge £250 + VAT SPECIAL  OFFER
13th Jul 18 London Bridge £325 + VAT SOLD  OUT
3rd Aug 18 London Bridge £295 + VAT SPECIAL  OFFER
7th Sep 18 London Bridge £325 + VAT RESERVE  NOW
3rd Oct 18 London Bridge £325 + VAT RESERVE  NOW
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Course Outline

  • Getting to know the camera
    • Using Autofocus
    • Zooming controls
    • Using Auto Exposure
    • Correct use of timecodes

    Using the manual camera settings
    • Turning off auto exposure
    • f-stops and aperture settings
    • Depth of field and when to use it
    • Shutter speed and its effects
    • Camera gain and how to avoid it
    • Balancing shutter speed, aperture and available light
    • Exposing a difficult subject
    • Using exposure lock to achieve a correct exposure

    Framing a subject
    • Using the rule of thirds to frame your subject
    • Looking for diagonals to enhance your framing
    • Wide, medium and close-ups
    • Examples of good/bad framing

    Simple camera moves
    • The importance of a good tripod
    • Pans, tilts and zooms
    • How to use moves effectively
    • Holding a shot
  • Lighting techniques
    • Using a simple key-light
    • Using a reflector as a fill
    • Three point lighting
    • Ensuring correct colour balance
    • Using natural lighting

    Working with sound
    • Using close mics for effective sound
    • Using directional mics
    • Using personal mics
    • Setting sound correctly

    Shooting an interview
    • Framing basics
    • The concept of The Line
    • Lighting the interview
    • Sound levels
    • Looking or not looking at the camera
    • Shooting reverses, noddies, 2-shots and pieces to camera
    • How to shoot for easier editing

    Questions and answers

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Gnu Films
20th Feb

Very in-depth, despite only being a day long. The instructor really knew what he was doing.

10th Feb

The course covered a lot of ground but I felt like I learned a lot.

25th Nov

Really enjoyable and good grounding in the basics to get you filming.

14th Nov

Explained clearly, tailored, small group and at the right pace. Practical and interactive.

London South Bank University
11th Nov

Very knowledgeable and helpful instructor. Great to have one-to-one tuition.

Zenith Optimedia
4th Apr

The fastest and easiest way to learn!.