Sub-Editing : Advanced

One Day Course


This course builds on the Introduction to Sub Editing course and concentrates on improving your ability to sub a wide range of news and features material.

The course consists of series of practical exercises using copy that needs a substantial amount of work. You will also develop your skills in selling a story - writing excellent headlines, standfirsts, pull-quotes and captions. You should have attended the Introduction to Sub Editing course at the LCMJ or have an equivalent working knowledge.

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Course Outline

  • Developing techniques for fast and efficient sub editing of news stories
    • Essential sub editing checks
    • Performing these checks faster and more efficiently

    Advanced techniques for sympathetic and effective sub editing
    • Sub editing skills for interviews
    • Sub editing first person pieces
    • Subbing comment pieces
    • Improving copy without rewriting

    Sub editing articles contributed by non-journalists
    • How to handle rewrites
    • Good and bad ways to approach a re-write
    • How to keep the writer happy

    Writing better headlines, standfirsts, captions and other sells
    • Why some headlines work and some don\'t
    • Creating headlines to give added appeal to a story
  • Introduction to layout
    • Essential principles of page layout
    • Different layouts for different types of material

    Improving proofreading skills
    • Spotting serious but well hidden errors

    Subbing for an online audience
    • Hints and tips for subbing short-form digital content quickly and thoroughly

    Subbing your own copy
    You will take part in a series of practical tests to determine how well you edit your own copy. These are designed to highlight and improve any weak areas.

    Media law refresher and update
    • The latest legal developments affecting journalists and sub editors

    You are invited to bring samples of your work to this course if you wish.

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Wellcome Trust
11th Dec

I found the course extremely informative and geared specifically to my individual needs.

The Guardian
29th Oct

The instructor was friendly, responsive and knowledgeable - all you could ask for.

9th Jan

Recommended to me as Media Training has a great reputation - the one on one training was very beneficial .