Good Grammar and Punctuation

One Day Course


Correct use of English grammar and accurate punctuation are areas that many people find difficult. This one day course is ideal for anyone who feels that their written work can sometimes let them down.

The course covers the essentials of English grammar and how to correctly structure sentences. You will also be provided with useful hints and tips on how to avoid common errors in grammar and punctuation.

This course is not designed for those who wish to learn English as a foreign language. You need no previous experience to attend this course.

Public Course Dates & Pricing

2nd Jul 18 London Bridge £250 + VAT SPECIAL  OFFER
2nd Aug 18 London Bridge £275 + VAT SPECIAL  OFFER
4th Sep 18 London Bridge £325 + VAT RESERVE  NOW
27th Sep 18 London Bridge £325 + VAT RESERVE  NOW
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Course Outline

  • Basic sentence construction
    • Subjects and objects
    • Nouns and pronouns
    • Verbs, adverbs and adjectives
    • Capital letters and full stops
    • Commas, colons and semi-colons
    • Essential rules of grammar
    • Essential punctuation rules

    Sentences and paragraphs
    • Structuring sentences
    • Phrases and clauses
    • Subject and verb agreement
    • Linking ideas
    • Using different conjunctions
    • Problems and solutions

    • Using different tenses
    • Correct use of tense
    • The passive and active tenses
  • Apostrophes and plurals
    • Before the S
    • After the S
    • And ES
    • Common punctuation mistakes

    Writing styles
    • Concise and succinct sentences
    • Using descriptive sentences
    • When to use different styles

    Tips and tricks
    • Avoiding grammatical mistakes
    • Commonly confused and misused words

    Proofing your work
    • How to spot mistakes
    • Correcting your own work

    Questions and answers

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Neville Ness House ltd
5th Oct

Excellent course & an excellent instructor.

Lipsy London
1st Oct

Covered a lot of content one-to-one tuition, lots of practice, tailored to your needs.

London Shared
30th Sep

Small class environment meant great learning environment & one on one training on specific information.

29th Sep

The course wasn't what I was expecting! its been very useful. Andy is an inspiring trainier.

St Georges university of London
21st Sep

Very helpful, got an overall idea of how well apps work.

Inventive Medical Communications
21st Sep

Advanced training but very well delivered so easy to follow. So many super useful shortcuts!.