Rating Our Service

When you attend a great course it's something you tell people about. We've been working hard for the last twenty years to make sure we are the best at what we do. We always try to make sure what you tell your friends and colleagues about us is as good as it can be.

Every delegate who attends one of our courses fills in a post-course questionnaire. We use this feedbacke to improve our training and to help us understand what it is that our clients want when they visit us.

We publish these statistics live on our website so that you can gauge our performance and get a truthful account of what our service is like.

We've only been recording these figures digitally since 2013 but the sample of feedback is already high enough to give you a very clear idea of customer satisfaction.

We also publish delegate's personal experience feedback via the quotes on our website. We only do this when delegates give us permission so for that reason there aren't quite so many of these. They will however give you an impartial view about the courses we provide.

If you have any questions regarding our statistics feel free to call Jules on 020 7713 7179 for more information.